A platform where employers search for job seekers.
Employees; ‘Don’t Search, Be Found‘

Why EmployIn5?

Our founder noticed that:

1.  Candidates were searching for jobs using a 1 page CV that didn’t fully represent them

2. Employers were spending thousands on finding the right employee, wasting a lot of time and energy searching for talent.

For Candidates:

Employin5.com allows candidates to fully showcase themselves through their free profile.

1. You can upload all your experience, skills, certificates and projects in order to stand out from the crowd.

2. We offer Myers-Briggs 16 Type Personality test, so that you can discover what kind of job you’ll fit best with.

For Employers:

Employin5.com makes sure that employers have the biggest pool of talented candidates to choose from.

1. You can filter for the perfect match in just 5 minutes.

2. You can search our talented candidates by personality type, making sure you get the best fit for your organisation.

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