5 Most Important Things Employers Look At On Your CV

5 Most Important Things Employers Look At On Your CV

5 Most Important Things Employers Look At On Your CV
1. Who is applying ?

The correct answer for this isn’t your name. An employer will need to know as much about you as possible. Make sure you include a profile of yourself; write a short text about yourself which summarizes your work history, sector knowledge and skills. We advise this to be maximum 50-80 words.

2) Is this CV unique?

Creating a unique CV does not mean quality of paper but quality of information that you provide. Being specific is key because the Employer wants to know if you meet all requirements and vice versa. As Bernard Kelvin Clive says, “Your CV is just a commodity, Package yourself.” 

3) How relevant are your skills?

Try to emphasise the skills you possess that relates to the sector you are in. The skills will show Employers that you have abilities required to succeed in the position. It is said that most of the time employers pay extra attention to the skills of your resume to decide if you should move onto the next step of hiring. 

4) Prove it 

Making claims about your skills, experience and strengths means nothing without proving it. Where you can add certificates, awards or facts to show your evidence, this is something that sets you apart from other candidates.

5) Why am I still reading this ?

Think of this question while preparing your profile. Don’t be confused and add as much as you can don’t forget its ‘quality over quantity’. Even the most dedicated Employers skim-read applications, so don’t make it too hard for them to determine that you are right for the job. Your profile is the most essential part of the CV, secondly, your current job is more important than what you were doing years ago.

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