Answering the Question: Why should we Hire you?

Job interviews have a series of questions that are quite standard, such as ‘tell us about yourself’ or ‘where do you see yourself ..

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What Are The Benefits Of Employin5 For Employers?

The latest Labour Force Survey (LFS) estimates for March to May 2022 show that over the quarter, there was an increase in the empl..

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UK Seeks Skilled Workforce, New "Scale - Up Visa" Terms Announced

This week, the UK launched a new immigration route to attract top talent into the country. The new scale-up visa pathway launched ..

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How Much Does Hiring A New Employee Cost?

The UK employment industry is performing the best it has in over 50 years (ONS 2020), yet recruiters are experiencing increasing d..

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How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

Searching for jobs can often be an exhausting process. Constantly having to showcase yourself in order to be considered. And one o..

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How To Make The Most Of Your Transferable Skills

The ONS Labour Market Overview suggested in 2020 that the UK labour market is thriving. That unemployment rate is the lowest it ha..

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