What Are The Benefits Of Employin5 For Employers?

What Are The Benefits Of Employin5 For Employers?

What Are The Benefits Of Employin5 For Employers?

The latest Labour Force Survey (LFS) estimates for March to May 2022 show that over the quarter, there was an increase in the employment rate, while unemployment and economic inactivity rates decreased for the first time. However, unemployment is still at a significantly low rate. It is still very much a jobseekers market in the UK and is likely to remain the case for some time in the future. 

But What Does That Mean For Employers? 

Put simply, there is a smaller pool of potential employees to choose from. And if it’s your business, you don’t want to attract just anyone – you want the right person for the job. Recruitment is a difficult process at the best of times. This 2016 State of Startups report affirms that entrepreneurs consider talent as their top concern, and it has not changed in following years, but it’s also about more than just talent. You also want an employee to fit into your organisation. To have the right skills and attitude. 

What is the Cost of a New Personnel to the Firm? 

The process is difficult, but it’s also expensive. Did you know that replacing a member of staff can cost an employer £30,614? That’s per employee! You can read more about what goes into the cost of hiring a new employee here, but there are many associated costs, beyond salary and potential recruitment fees. And in a jobseekers market, attracting that talent can mean even more expense, in order to entice the top candidates to your organisation. 

The point is that when it comes to recruitment, getting it right is vital. Otherwise, you might feel as though you’ve wasted your time and money. As a business owner, you can’t afford to waste either. That’s where Employin5 comes in. 

What Is EmployIn5?

With employin5 there is no recruitment middleman. You can search for top candidates’ profiles whenever the need arises, with all the relevant information included on one platform. This will allow you to match with the perfect candidate much quicker.

Employin5 is designed for employers to have the biggest pool of talented candidates to choose from. It is unique as employers make an offer based on a deeper insight into the applicant. You are able to filter candidates based on a variety of different aspects to suit your business. 

What Does This Mean For Employers?

It means you aren’t spending money for a recruitment company to find talented candidates for you, they are only the click of a button away. 

Which is helpful, because recruitment has now become a global marketplace. The best fit for your company might be an ocean away! Candidates that have signed up to Employin5.com are from a variety of international backgrounds. They are all highly skilled workers, with some even eligible for the brand new ‘scale-up’ visa

With Employin5, you will be able to search through the best eligible candidates easily, saving you both time and money. All you have to do is register and verify your account. From there, you can purchase credits based on your Pricing Plan to start searching for the perfect candidate. Once you find them, just reach out! It might only take 5 minutes. 

Sign up to Employin5 today to find your next employee. 

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