What Does Your Myers-Briggs Type Mean?

What Does Your Myers-Briggs Type Mean?

What Does Your Myers-Briggs Type Mean?

At Employin5, we offer a free personality test to all candidates. It becomes an important part of your profile. 

Job searching in 2021 can be frustrating. Not only are there the usual concerns, from your CV to how to conduct an interview, especially when it’s a video interview! But struggling to find a new job during the ongoing COVID pandemic is a common issue we hear from job searchers. According to some research, the UK employment industry is performing the best if has in over 50 years, yet recruiters are experiencing difficulties sourcing talent. 

So how do you find out what job is right for you? That suits you? How do you find a new job that you’ll love?

We think the answer to this is to look at each candidate as a whole. That’s why we offer our free personality test so that you can better understand your strengths and working style. You are more than just your work history and education – though that’s still important. But it’s equally important to think about your personality, and how you will fit into a team. What is the personality test that we use?

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is a way to understand a person’s personality. It was originally developed in the 1940’s to help people entering the workforce find fulfilling jobs based on personality type. Created by Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, the MBTI has origins in Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types. They are made up of four letters, and each shows how you would typically think or behave. The four types are:


This one is all about how you manage your energy. Do you feel recharged when you get some much needed alone time? Then you’re more likely to be an introvert. Or do you get more energy from spending time with lots of people? You’re probably an extravert. Both types have their benefits in the workplace, and remember that it doesn’t mean introverts are poor communicators or that extraverts are more likely to be bossy. Those are just common misconceptions!


This one is all about how you process information. If you’re sensing, then you’re more likely to focus on sensory information such as sight, touch, hearing etc. Whereas if you’re intuitive you’re more interested in abstract levels of thinking such as patterns or theories. It can also mean the difference between forward planning (intuitive) and focussed on the present (sensing). 


This relates to how you tend to make decisions, either cognitively or emotionally. Thinkers are more interested in the logical choice. They’re best suited to reasoning. Whereas Feelers are more concerned with the effects of their choice – what will happen to the people around them? As with each of the other categories, both types are essential to a harmonious workplace!


Whilst there are potential negative and positive assumptions around these words, the main difference is their approach to structure – judgers prefer it, and make the best planners. Whereas perceivers are more comfortable with flexibility and spontaneity. But the best projects are often well planned with room to adapt throughout, so don’t be put off if you’re labelled a ‘judger’ – it’s a good thing!

Where Does EmployIn5 Fit In?

We use the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator as a personality test at Employin5 so that candidates can understand themselves better, make the most of their profile and allow employers to match with them in just 5 minutes. We know the perfect candidate is more than just their degree or work experience, it’s their ability to work within a team and how their personality fits in their chosen working environment. With Employin5 you can find the perfect job for you.   

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